Food Lion MVPs

Date: 5/15/18

AO: Screaming Eagle

# of PAX: 7

THE PAX: R-X, Stiffler, Tubbs, Hooch, Tombstone, Franks

QIC: Chicken Noodle



Cherry Pickers IC x20



To be completely honest, I hate running and it hates me. That means it’s time to Q a run day.

Head out over the bridge to the Food Lion parking lot. Once there, start up a long four corners. First corner 10 merkins, second corner 10 squats, third corner 10 SSH’s, fourth corner 10 lbc’s, then hit the center shopping cart rack and do a burpee. Finish three rounds of this and you’ve covered about 1.5 miles. Then head back over the Bridge to where we started.

Our GPS’s said we covered 3.5, 3.7 and 4.1 miles…so I’m going to say we ran about five miles because it sounds better.


Always appreciate starting my morning with you fellas. You make me better! There’s also nothing like seeing the sun rise while running over the Bridge. Come see for yourself next Tuesday!





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