Doracide Monday……no Ratt

DATE: 5/14/18
QIC: Dixie Chick
# of PAX: 21

PAX:  LETC, Dribbles (FNG), Flounder, Mayham, Tiny Dancer, Smiles, Shakespeare, Hahvahd, Sea Horse, Bonespur, Jiffy Pop, Pony Express, Pet Shop Boy, Firemarhall Bill, Busted Grill, The Ratt, Milton, Hairspray, Gravity and Mr. T.


So turning 47 isn’t that bad after all!  This was my birthday, plus 1 Q and the turnout was great.  21 PAX showed up to the humid (not moist) confines of HMP to sweat and listen to some Ratt…I mean every other heavy metal band except Ratt.


  • Seal Clap x 30 IC
  • Mountain Climbers x 15 IC
  • Cotton Pickers x 20 IC
  • Bodybuilders x 5 (OYO)
  • Quick mosey around the parking lot



We moseyed to the field by the tennis courts.


  • Overhead Press
  • Lawnmower
  • Tricep Press
  • Curls for Girls
  • Sumo Row

Partners perform each exercise for 5 minutes.  While partner one was doing the exercise,  partner 2 was running to the parking lot and doing 10 derkins, and running back.  The “run” turned into a Mosey, but all PAX put in a solid day’s work.

Aiken Legs

  • Jump Ups x 50
  • Prisoner Squats x 50
  • Squats x 50

We stuck with the same partners.  One partner performed the exercise while the other one bear crawled to the parking blocks, performed 10 derkins, and crab crawled back.



  • Heavy Freddy’s x 30
  • American Hammer w/kettlebell x 20



Apparently, someone questioned my music playlist.  I don’t want to say names, but “The Ratt” questioned my music playlist.  My bad, I did promise some Ratt in the preblast, however, the workout ended right before “Round and Round”.  Next time I’ll bump it up on the list.  Great seeing you Ratt, it’s been a while.

Dribbles, welcome to F3 Nation!  Look forward to seeing you in the future.

Mr. T’s church will be having a service at HMP this Sunday at 10:00.

F2 events such as Taco Tuesday and Friday at Poe’s are great ways to get to know your fellow Pax.  Try and attend one in the near future!

This was my first birthday Q and it was great to celebrate with 20 of my Brothers!  As always, it was a privilege to lead today!

Dixie Chick



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