Pharohic Climb

DATE: 5/9/18

 QIC: 8penny

PAX: Sunshine, Trump, Coach Cline, Glass Joe, Chicken Noodle, Tubbs, Moab, RX, Sir-Mix-A-Lot


SSH x30 IC
Mountain Climbers x20 IC
CDD x10 IC


Mosey to Speed Bump Row

Traveling Escalator sprinting to first bump and between subsequent bumps:

  • Bump 1: Burpees x10
  • Bump 2: Burpees x10 + Mike Tyson’s x20
  • Bump 3: Burpees x10 + Mike Tyson’s x20 + Sumo Squats x30
  • Bump 4: Burpees x10 + Mike Tyson’s x20 + Sumo Squats x30 + Crunchy Frogs x40

Mary on the 6

Mosey to chin-up bars by football field


  • Pull-ups x1 + Merkins x2 + LBCs x3
  • Rinse and repeat x8 increasing the rep multiple +1 each time so ends with x8, x16, x24
  • Run to tennis court and back
  • Repeat exercises in reverse order starting with Pull-ups x8 + Merkins x16 + LBCs x24 and work backwards rinse and repeat x8 to finish with x1, x2, x3

Single column Indian run back to the flags


  • I think we have too many English majors in need of help with Pyramid math…hopefully that resulted in extra reps although I have some doubts…
  • Loving Tubbs dedication as he EH’d Chicken Noodle for EC so he could get on the BigBoard Friday!
  • Strong work Moab, way to push it!
  • Congrats to Sunshine on landing the new gig! Soon to be re-branding the Dunkin on Oleander as the new manager.
  • Strong work to Tubbs and Moab with their VQ HC’s
  • Prayers for Nomad’s girlfriend’s mother ad Tiny Tank’s father-in-law
  • Prayers for Coach Cline’s new squad may he build a winning team but more importantly sculpt winning character.

It was a pleasure to lead!
-8penny out!



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