……Mean, Mean Stride

5/12/18 (Sat.)

AO: Baywatch

QIC: Tom Sawyer

PAX: 28 PAX……Blue Steel, Weezer (F3 Chapel Hill), LETC, Tiny Dancer, Double Check, Coffee Bean, Bone Spur, Parrot Head, GOBO, Gravity, Fire Marshall Bill, Tenenbaum, Chop Shop, Flight Nurse, FNG (Steven McHale), Busted Grill, Shakespeare, Overdraft, LIFO, Dixie Chick, Cracker, Tank, Dino, Ooops, Chanticleer, Glass Joe, FNG (Andrew Hall) & YHC

Warm Up:

25 Cotton Pickers – IC

25 Side Straddle Hops – IC

25 Cross Country Skis – IC

25 Hillbillies – IC


Jail Break from Bball Court to front field of grassy field. For some initial partner work…..

P1 – Bear Crawls 30 Yards to do 40 Little Baby Arm Circles….four count. Deep lung walk back to P2.

P2 – American Hammers…until P1 gets back….4 count.

Switch up and Rinse & Repeat x 2

Mosey (1.3 miles) down to south end water tower at Carolina Yacht Club (CYC) for more partner work.  At CYC……

DORA on the sound side

100- Merkins

200- Deep Sumu Squats

300- Vups

Pax 1starts the DORA while P2 runs up stairs to tables/benches for 10 step ups….4 count then run out toward boardwalk to benches for 10 dips then out the front entrance down walkway and back to P1.  Switch up for P2 to take over DORA.

YHC got a little mushy at beginning of Q being that it was 1st Wedding Anniversary Q (that means long winded) so we seemed to be pushed for time (10 minutes to be exact) most of the a.m.  P1 & P2 finised up 300 Vups together for sake of time.

Mosey (1.3 miles) back to AO from south end water tower at Carolina Yacht Club (CYC) back to bball court…..


Dino had that covered while the 6 returned…..YHC was the 6 so not sure all he did 🙂 .

COT / Moleskin:

Countorama (28 PAX)

Namorama – Welcome FNG Andrew Hall (Zapper) and Steven McHale (To Be Determined)

Prayers, Praises & Announcements: Flight Nurse lifted up Blade & family and their heart for fostering, as well as 10 year old boy in their care currently.  Gravity lifted up our moms, wives, sisters, etc. who have the awesome responsibility of motherhood!  Coffeteria at Donut Inn

Pray Out

Until the next adventure……..thank you very much for the opportunity to lead.  It is an honor!

Tom Sawyer



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