Dedicated to T-Stop

DATE: 5/12/18

 QIC: 8penny

PAX: EPO, Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Hoff, TinyTank, ChickenNoodle, Mountie


 Mosey to School Yard
Merkins x10 IC + Mountain Climbers x20 IC + CDD x10 IC
BTW for Australian Mountain Climbers x20 IC

***At a mystical moment during the warm-up as we were transitioning to the wall, out of the distant fog rolled a beach cruiser with a leashed dog attached to it.  As the cruised came closer the features of the rider became clearer, it was a man with a dark goatee, a hipster who moved with a gentle calmness.  As though the moment unraveled in silent slow motion, the cruiser approached and the Pax felt certain it was their brother Trolley-Stop, they gestured for him to join but almost without words, he declined.  As the man disappeared back into the fog, a cool breeze blew through and the Pax looked at each other in amazement, not sure what they had just witnessed.


Single column Indian Run to the Skate Park

Dudes DORA 1-2-3

One partner exercises while the other Bear Crawls across the Obstacle Shute, dips x5 on lip of Shute then runs back.  Together, complete the following:
– Hand-Plant Kicks x100
– Scorpions x200
– Tony Hawk’s x300

Single column Indian Run toward beach…wait a minute!  That vehicle looks familiar…and the name on the mailbox confirms it!  The Pax are all humbled by the realization that we were in front of the house of the man, the legend, the one and only Trolley-Stop!  Almost without command, the Pax took formation in front of the driveway followed by the Q’s resounding call for the next exercise to be non-other than CTG (chest to ground) Burpees x10 IC!

As a tribute to our brother and the fate that allowed this moment to happen, we then left a half dozen or so sweat angels on the driveway and re-formed our Indian Run to the beach.

We arrived at the Spartanburg Beach Access and ran up the beach to the Atlanta Access stopping at each trash barrel for Merkins x5

11’s starting with 180* Surfees x10 and Squats x1 at the dunes.  Reps incrementally shift till you reach Surfees x1 and Squats x10.  Had to audible a hair-cut on this one in order to get back in time.

Mosey back to the flags with Strong Sprint finish by Chicken Noodle!


  • Mountie’s thick Canadian blood was giving him some trouble in the heat. Luckily, he made it to the water just in time!
  • Chicken Noodle was killing it all morning, nice work brother!
  • Mix gobbled up 7 miles before the work-out…Strong work Sir, only 83 to go!
  • EPO and Tiny Tank crushed the Murph for EC and were all jacked-up…until the work-out started.
  • The Hoff did a little solo run before the work-out or at least he got there early enough to make it look like that’s what he was doing…it was little suspicious when he wouldn’t quantify what he had done or even time stamp it.
  • I will give Hoff credit for averting disaster, at least from my perspective it would have been a disaster. After the 11’s I was securing my shoes when The Hoff, who was sitting a few feet from me, jumped up like a Clydesdale with blinders and bolted toward the me.  Fortunately, he realized just in time and leapt over me with a summersault landing.  Contact in the incident would have been awkward to say the least because with me sitting and him standing…well you get the gist.
  • Strong work fellas!
  • EPO is starting a gym at his house and will be hosting PM work-outs
  • Prayers for the F3 team doing the Spartan today and the FiA team doing the Spartan tomorrow.
  • Continued prayers for Tea Party’s Dad and Nomad’s girlfriend’s family.

Iron Island is where it’s at!  Thank you for the opportunity!



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