Synapes and Sarcomeres at HMP

QIC: Flight Nurse

Date: 5/11/18

# of PAX: 23

Pax: BG, LETC, Tom Sawyer, Niles, Mr.T, Simba, Smiles, Flounder, The Adjuster, Ugly Stick, Blade, Dixie Chick, Bone Spur, Jiffy Pop, Dog Fight, Heisenberg, Pet Shop Boy, Gravity, Fire Marshal Bill, Wreck It Ralph, Mayhem, Corn Hole, Flight Nurse

WarmUp:  Squats x 25, SSH x 25, Merkins x 50 (OYO)

THE THANG: Pax broke up into 3 teams;

Team Merkin (50 merkins at every station)

Team SSH (50 SSH at every station)

Team Squats (25 squats at every station)

Teams were given clues to the location and had to mosey to those locations where upon another exercise was to be completed (see below for the answers)

Locations: Love = Loss :25 turkish get ups

Separates us from herbivores: 25 jump lunges (2 count)

Foul Fowl Isle: 50 merkins

After completion recover at AO and mosey to play Duck-Plank-Goose. Pax in the plank position while one Pax circles eventually tagging another and the chase is on!! If caught, Pax perform 10 burpees. We did somewhere between 40-50 burpees.

Mary: Flutter kicks 50 (4 count)

COT: @Gravity: praise his Mothers pet scan showed no metastasis and lung cancer is treatable. @Mr. T: has a friend that needs prayer (Stephanie) for medical treatment and the associated financial burden also an invite to attend Pentecost in The Park May 20th. @Blade: and family could use prayer for strength and to help Braden hear God’s voice loud and clear and know that he is loved.

Team Merkin my apologies…I think you must have done 300 push up including the burpees.

Team SSH next time it will be x 100!

Team squats, your butts look great!!

@letcf3, cheats when he plays Duck-Plank-Goose!

I appreciate the privilege to “lead” such an outstanding group of fellas!

Love =Loss (Tennis court), Separates us….(Canines=Dog Park), Fowl Foul Island (duh)



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