Parking Deck Tour of Downtown Wilmington

QIC: Ugly Stik

Date: 5-10-18

# of PAX: 12

PAX: Snickers, Brady, Niles, Blade, LETC, Heisenburg, Edger, 8-Penny, Sweatervest, Dagger Board, Mr. Kotter

Warm Up:

SSH x 20
Broad Jump Burpee for 40 yards
IW x 20
Inch Work for 30 yards


Indian Run to the first parking deck and continue all the way to the top.

Parnter up for DORA 1-2-3
100 Merkins
200 LBC’s
300 Plank Jacks
Partner 1: AMRAP Parnter 2: to ground level via stairwell and back up to relieve partner then flapjack.

Flutter Kicks, Hello Dollies, and America Hammers while we gather the 6.

Mosey down the stairs and across the street to the CFCC Parking Deck.
With your same Partner we start at the bottom level of the parking deck. Partner 1: Runs two straight aways (one level) then back to grab Partner 2 who is doing flutter kicks until partner 1 returns. Both PAX then proceed to the next level and flapjack so now Partner 2 is running up another level and back while Partner 1 does flutter kicks. Continue until you have reached the top level.

More flutter kicks while we gather the 6.

Mosey to the corner of the parking deck where you can still see a good section of the Cape Fear River that isn’t blocked by Embassy Suites. YHC had to audible here and we all completed 10ish incline merkins on the rail and soaked in the view and watched as an Osprey gracefully soared downriver looking for breakfast. That’s about as close to waxing poetic as the Stik is going to get here.

We have just enough time to mosey back to the hill next to the AO for two rounds of Partner sprints up the hill and bear crawling back down!

Once again, we are saved by the bell and circle up for COT.


-Snickers – thank you for subtlety reminding everyone that Leland still possessed the coveted Cape Fear Ghost Flag!
-Brady – I’m glad you showed up as enthusiastic as ever without knowing who had the Q. I hope I didn’t disappoint you!
-Niles – Always my favorite Indian runner and partner 🙂
-Blade/Daggerboard – if these two meet in a dark alley at night, is there certain to be a knife fight? We may never know, but thanks for posing the questions Niles!
-LETC – always honored to have the OG Nant’an present. Especially on a Thursday!
-Heisenberg – are you sure you’re 48? You had to think really hard about that!
-Edger – first man in the parking lot when I arrived 10 minutes early! Get some! Congrats on the announcement of your little boy and the new job!
-8-Penny – You’re a beast. I want to be that strong when I grow up!
-Sweatervest – I only pick on you because I like you 🙂 now do some hello dollies!
-Mr. Kotter – thanks for pushing the PAX to fill up the Battleship Q calendar!
-Grow Ruck Fort Fisher tentatively scheduled for September 21-23. More details to come. This will be a GoRuck Tough and open to F3 only! We need to represent Cape Fear because it is going to be on our turf!
-Prayers for Hoverround as he is suffering with shingles! I’ll let Niles pipe in with punny roof jokes. But seriously, heal up soon!
-Prayers for Shrek and Quatro in their recoveries also. Lots of PAX on the DL right now across the region.
-Sign Up to volunteer with Ainsley’s Angels or just to run on June 16th at the Blueberry Festival 5k! See Blade for more details.

F3 Workouts…

Are free of charge
Are open to all men
Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
End with a Circle of Trust

As always, it is an honor to lead this group of #HIM!

Ugly Stik, out!



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