Simba Returns



QIC: Mayhem

# of PAX: 14

PAX: Tom Sawyer, Pony Express, Tiny Dancer, Fat Back, Gravity, FMB, Hairspray, Messi, Mr. T, Mr. Cotter, Wreck it Ralph, The Adjuster, Morpheus, Simba, PSB, Marshaun (Chapel Hill), Square Root, Last, Blade, Bone Spur


SSH x20 IC

Cotton Pickers x20 IC

High Knees

Hill Billy x20 IC

The Thang

Indian run to the pull-up bars then partner up.

1 partner 10x pull ups, 20 squats, 30 dips rinse and repeat until other partner returns.

1 partner runs down to the bridge, bear crawl bridge, 15 wall jumps on the goose-poop island run upstairs and back to pull up bar.

Do 4 X

Low plank for 10 count then 10 merkins IC

Low plank for 10 count then 10 wide arm merkins IC

Mosey back to AO

Mary- 100’s IC x25, Box Cutters IC x20


COT / Moleskin

Blueberry Festival 5K – 06/16. See Slack for more info!

Praise – Mr. T surgery went well

I’m sure I forgot something here…

Quote from Visioneering:

A vision requires more than a singular encounter with God. For even those experience where he clearly births an idea in your heart will not provide you with the tools nor the momentum necessary to see it through to completion.
Visioneering requires patience, investigation, and planning. Visioneering requires faith in God’s ability to work behind the scenes. Confidence that he will orchestrate what he has originated.


Thanks for the opportunity to lead!



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