VQ: Butterfly

# of Pax: 19

PAX: Ugly Stick, BTB, Zuckerberg, Spin Doctor, Sparky, Ball Bearing, Blue Steel, Shines, LETC, Bam Bam, Flounder, Yankee, OTC, Bogey, Baby Back, Chop Shop, Shake Down, Dino


Seal Jacks IC X 20

Cotton Pickers IC X 20

Moroccan Nightclub IC X 30

Carolina Dry Docks IC X 15


The Thang: Animal Kingdom

2 X around the pond with 3 stations:

1 – Lion King X 10

2 – Zebra Butt Kickers X 10 each leg

3 – Gorilla Humpers X 20

Mosey to tennis courts for an Animal Pentathlon (2 rounds):

  • 1st event/lap – Frog Jumps (full squat to floor, jump forward back into full squat)
  • 2nd event/lap – Bear Crawl (you know what this is)
  • 3rd event/lap – Crab Walk (walk on hands and feet sideways, but facing “up” – making a bridge)
  • 4th event/lap – Donkey Kickers (Hands on floor, kick both feet into air, land, jump forward)
  • 5th event/lap – Gorilla Run (Squat position, jump forward, landing on one foot after the other)

Mosey to football field:

Quick game of “Plank, Duck, Goose” –

  • Spread out in a circle, everyone gets in plank position heads pointed out, then play duck, duck, goose



  • Heavy event coming in August, days yet to be confirmed
  • Head to Ruth’s and Reflections on Friday to hear Sparky discuss parenting those little ladies in your life
  • Look for new book coming out on the Stingray channel


For Shrek – hate you missed your birthday VQ, get healed up soon.

For Quatro – Heal up, maybe we’ll see you on that bike riding circles around us.


Thanks to all who came out this morning!




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