Leland Tantrum


QIC: Edger

PAX: Edger, Brady, Clavin, AED, and snickers



Side Straddle Hop IC X25

Seal Clap IC X20

Q: Edger

# of PAX: 5

YHC, Claven, Brady, AED, Snicker


Mosey to the deck

Perform suicides to each cone (roughly 10 feet apart), After completing last suicide, Start at first cone then bear crawl to playground area, We performed what I call around the world pullups (start one side, pull up, move over to right, perform pull up, Perform this all the way down one side. Then We leap frogged back to the deck where we performed 20 box jumps, 20 Tricep dips, 20 Derkins. Then start back at cones and bear crawl to park and repeat routine (5 rounds) We only did Suicides just the first round.

After completing 5 rounds, we did wall squats waiting on the SIX.

Then We did 15 merkins with the basketball. (one pushup with right hand on ground while left hand was on basketball) then switch.

15 mountain climbers while straight arm planking on the basketball

15 superman flutters

15 superman presses (Chest and legs off ground while pulling arms into chest

10 superman Swimmers

COT: Prayers for AED grandma

As always, It is a honor to Q in the Best AO in Brunswick county. Everyone have a blessed day!


**Oh yeah, Leland still has the ghost flag, if you want to see it, Join me Friday as I Q again!



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