Glad I was there…


AO: Run Forest Ruck / UNCW

QIC: Blade (ruck) / Mr. Kotter (run

# of PAX: 14

PAX: Tom Sawyer, Oops, Flight Nurse, Heisenberg, Pony Express, Tenebaum, LETC, Tiny Dancer, Fat Back, Money Gun, Niles, Sweater Vest


YHC did not want to get out of the fartsack this morning, but man I’m glad I did. I sat on the end of the bed, and thought “I’ll just text someone and say I’m not feeling well.” While that is mostly true (allergies + head cold), I’m completely capable of getting my ass out the door and posting. T-Claps to Flight Nurse for the HC on Slack yesterday. Knowing he was posting was a push to get out there. (BTW, if you haven’t gotten to know him, you need to. He’s an animal and just a cool guy to hang out with.) Either way, sharing the gloom with your brothers is always 100x better than the fartsack!


Warm-O-Rama (lead by Mr. Kotter)

SSH x20 IC

IW x20 IC

Mountain Climbers x20 IC


The Thang

Ruckers (Flight Nurse, Tom Sawyer, Oops, & YHC) step off for a little stroll. Paused a second to let Oops catch up. (YHC should start specifying Lot M in preblasts again)

Stop by the fountain for:

Step Ups x20 (10 each leg) w/ Ruck on front

Continue on weaving our way toward College Rd. Hang a left on Wagoner and head all the way down & hang a left toward the Tennis courts. Pass the track & cover the back 1/2 of BG’s Loop.

Stop @ BG’s Loop / Riegel Rd for:

Partner Thrusters x10 each

Continue on heading out Riegel. Left on Walton, cut through to Price.

Arrive @ flag just in time for COT.


COT / Moleskin

Ruckers covered ~2.3 miles. According to Niles, the runners sprinted for ~3 miles. Strong work either way.

Tom Sawyer with his mean mean stride got in a little EC ruck.

Pony Express gave us the heads up on the USPS food drive this Saturday. Leave some canned goods out for your postman to collect.

Blueberry Festival 5K – 06/16. See Slack for more info!


Thanks for the opportunity to lead!


Until next time…






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