Leland Metal Mania Launch


QIC: Brady

# of PAX: 10

Pax: Flight Nurse, Snickers, Baby Daddy, Claven, Edger,  Balthazar,  AED, Mac’n’Chuck, Deputy Dawg,  and Brady

Warmorama: SSH 15, Cotton Pickers- 11, Imperial Walkers 15, Cobra Merkins- 10

The Thang:

Straight to Dora

1) 100 Sumo Wrestler Squats – 2) 150 Sholder Press and Tricep Extension- all with 25 lbs

Halfway through Dora- Sprinted to Woods then moseyed back to finish

3) 10 sets of 21’s 4) 100 partnered Sit-ups 5) 100 American Hammers – all with 25 lbs

1) Partners lunged (knees touching ground) across field to seize 5 Tony Hawk Burpees Merkins 2) Crawl Beared across field with 10 Merkins burpees 3) lunged to Swing Set for 5 pull-ups 4) Ran to Deck for 5 box jumps


Mary: 15 Box Cutters, 10 Freddie Mercuries, 10 LBC’s, 10 Leg Thrusters

COT: Absolutely enjoyed Q’ing the launch of Leland Metal Mania. We ribbed Flight Nurse for the only one to come try and get the Ghost Flag and we are enjoying the ownership.  Prayed for friends Surgery, Edgers Wife’s Ultrasound today and First Responders.





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