Insert Clever Name Here

7 May 2018

QIC:  Donut

Pax – The Hoff, Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Busted Grill, Tubbs, Rx, Moab, Trolly Stop, Tombstone, Big Bear, 8-Penny, Turner, Hooch, Nomad, Tiny Tank, Glass Joe, Chicken Noodle

Seventeen pax chose the little red pill and rose early for a humid beatdown in the gloom.  Lots of OG faces in the crowd this morning, and plenty of mumble chatter.  Let’s put that to rest and get going….

Warm-o-rama: SSH x20, Hillbillies x20, Freddie Mercuries x20.

Form two columns for an Indian mosey.  Except instead of doing an indian run like a normal person, let’s start out at a near sprint pace.  (Note to self, choose the lead runner wisely.)

The Thang 1: Arrive at the playground.  At the pace we were running, we almost ran by it.  Partner-up.  Let’s do kind of a Dora thing without the increasing reps.  Teams combine for 100 inverted rows on the swings, 100 crunchy frogs, and 100 jump-ups.  Alternate running to the third lamp post, while your partner does the exercise.

Form two columns again.  Strategically place Tombstone and Busted Grill at the front for pace setting.  Now, off to the basketball courts.

The Thang 2:  Four Corners.

  1. Corner 1 – Oblique dips or crunches or whatever they are called.  On your side in a plank.  Now move hips up and down 10x on each side.
  2. Burpie long jumps to corner 2
  3. Corner 2 – Crunchy Frogs x20
  4. Lunge walk to corner 3
  5. Corner 3 – Diagonal merkin squats – 2 count merkin followed by a hop to bring your knees to your left elbow, then back to high plank position, then a hop to bring your knees to your right elbow, then back to high plank.  5 count exercise x20.
  6. Burpie long jump to corner 4
  7. Corner 4 – Smurf-jacks x20
  8. Lunge walk to Corner 1

Rinse and repeat

Form two columns for the run back to the flag.  No time for Mary this morning.

Moleskin:  Lots of animated pax today and strong work by all.  There were several pax that pushed their boundaries this morning.  Strong work and inspiring to see.    Do not draw attention to yourself  when in the presence of a Hoff, even if you see him just standing around when he should be exercising.  You will get lots of mumble chatter about his physique and some award he won in college.  You will get treated to flexing exhibitions with comments about napping or something.  Just don’t.  Seriously though, it was a pleasure to have The Hoff and Busted Grill in the rotation today.  Tiny Tank has the Q for Friday.  Get there early.  His watch runs fast.  Speaking of fast, put 8-Penny at the front of the line of indian runs if you want to prevent the 6 from actually being able to catch the leader.  Speaking of running, Hooch has the Q tomorrow at the Bridge, so be there.

COT:  Prayers for educators, health workers, first responders, and all those that seek the truth.

Thank you for allowing me to lead today





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