Gravity + Kettle Bells = T-Rex Arms

Heavy Metal Monday

Date: Monday, May 7, 2018

AO: Hugh MacRae Park #og_ao

# of PAX: 14

PAX: Fire Marshall Bill, LETC, Dixie Chick, Pony Express, Tom Sawyer, Seahorse, Native, Blue Steel, Bone Spur, Blade, Pet Shop Boy, Square Root, Dog Fight & Gravity

QIC: Gravity

Weather: Clear and Pleasant

Background Music: The Best of Red Hot Chili Peppers

Welcome, F3 Mission, Disclaimer, Intro of the Q and acknowledgement of the Q’s bad hammy – there will be no running today.



Imperial Walkers IC x 18

Tiny Arm Circles IC x 18

Cotton Pickers IC x18


The Thang:

Upper Body Tabata – 7 stations, 8 rounds of 25 seconds each, with 10 seconds of rest. 20 seconds of rest between stations.

Station 1: The Masonboro Bench Press using the broken and weary igloo cooler as the bench – one partner bench pressed from the ground.

Station 2: Resistance Band Curls – this $4 box of resistance bands has been 2/3rds successful – 2 bands have torn apart in as many workouts.

Station 3: Glute Bridge Press – hold a glute bridge and do a decline bench press.

Station 4: West Bank Warrior Press: sitting on the ground, legs spread, overhead press

Station 5: Butterflies

Station 6: Triceps Extensions

Station 7: Lawnmower pulls


Mary with Kettle Bells:


La Cucarachas

Box Cutters

Flutter Kicks

COT: Seahorse’s daughter has one more week on steroids, Prayers for her continued recovery. T-Claps to Parrot Head for an incredible physical accomplishment this past weekend – proud to lock shields with you brother – you are inspiring. T-claps to Leland for launching the Metal Mania AO – we need to take turns offering to Q out there to ensure success. Successful launch in Colorado with Tom Sawyer’s son in law being the og_QIC. Scotts Hill AO Launch may be delayed until Quatro is feeling better – standby for details on that. There are three running opportunities on Tuesday – and since your lower body is rested, there is no excuse for those of you capable – #GetAfterIt

Skins: Square Root & Pet Shop Boy – you guys are getting after it, strong work. When you see/hear about a Q School opportunity, be sure you are there. There are only a few things more gratifying than being the Q. It was good to see Seahorse out again – I’m sure we have been ships in the night but seems like its been a while for me.

Lastly, be sure to look at the Q Calendar. Then, sign up for those dates in your life that mean something. Birthdays, wedding anniversaries, sibling’s and children’s birthdays etc etc. Use the platform of being the Q to honor those days and Give it Away.

Until next time, thanks as always – it is indeed an honor to lead my brothers that choose to lock shields with me.

Gravity out



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