Satisfied by the Buffet


The Buffet 

QIC: Snickers 

Pax: YHC, Hoff, Gyro Guy, 90210, Sir-mix-a-lot, Punxsutawney Phil, Dixie Chick, Baretta, Homer, AED, Edger, Man Hands, Dept. Dawg, and Brady

Warmorama: Seal Clap IC 25, Cotton Picker IC x 15, Imperial Walker IC 25

The Thang:

Duck and Weave Pax line up as if doing an Indian Run, except this offers more pain. The Pax start duck walking and the six runs to the front by weaving in between each PAX member. Then he joins the rest of the Pax duck walking until everyone has weaved to the front at least once or until the Q’s legs burn out. Made it around the Senior center. 

Wave of Merkins Circle up, get into plank position, first person does one merkin, then the next person to the right does a merkin, should look like a wave flowing around the circle, until you get back to the first person who then performs 2 merkins, repeat all the way up to 7. Stay in plank position the entire time.

Febreze On your six, do 2 Big Boy Situps. Remain upright after last BB and lift feet up 6″. Do 10 Air Presses. Back down for 4 BB followed by 20 Air Presses with legs held 6″. Repeat using increments of 2:10 ratio. (2:10, 4:20, 6:30, 8:40, 10:50, etc…)

Mini DORA 20 Burpees, 30 Pull-up, 40 Box Jumps, 50 Lunges Each Leg. While partner one is doing the work partner two runs to the tree line and back. If you finish early…Repeat

Mary. Scissor kicks IC 25, LBC IC 20

COT: Leland Metal Mania launches Monday!!! 

Strong work Everyone.

Snickers OUT



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