Coop Jack Part II (+a year later) EOM’s F3 Birthaversary Q

DATE: 5/4/18

PAX: 20 Pax at Sting-to-the-ray this am. Bob The Builder, Butterfly, Sparky, Babyback, Ball Bearing, Chop Shop, Shrek, FNG John Ellis “Pappy”  (His name has a really interesting story), Bogey, The Adjuster, Trump, Gobo, Tenenbaum, Knuckle Puck, Dino, Spin Doctor, Ugly Stik, Venus, LETC, EOM



Side Straddle Hop IC X30

Mountain Climber IC X20

Side Straddle Hop IC X20

Mountain Climber IC X10

Mosey to the OG Pullup Bars…



The Cooper Jack.

10 Burpees, 10 Squats, 10 Merkins, 10 Plank Jacks

Run 1/4 mile from pullup bars to sidewalk near the picnic shelter.

9 Burpees, 9 Squats, 9 Merkins, 9 Plank Jacks

8 Burpees, 8 Squats, 8 Merkins, 8 Plank Jacks

. . . . You get the idea . . .

Except the last round is 10 Burpees, 1- Squats, 0 Merkins, 10 Plank Jacks.  Of course that wasn’t told to anyone until they got to the final set, thinking it was only 1 rep per exercise left.  NO NO NO!!!

Mosey to the pullup bars for pullups while we wait on the 6.

Circle up for an 8 rep in cadence workout where each pax lead the exercise of their choice.

Mosey back to the AO where BTB led us in some protractor.


BURPEE CHALLENGE: For 60 seconds every Pax gives it all they’ve got to see how many burpees they can get in a minute.

Total # of Burpees = 422

Total # of Pax = 20

Avg. # of Burpees per Pax = 21.1


Announcements – Ruth’s and Reflection – Today focusing on parenting boys, next Friday – Parenting girls.

Next week is VQ week at Stingray. Monday – Knuckle Puck, Wednesday – Shrek, Friday – Butterfly, then Wednesday May 16th – SHAM WOW!

Prayer Requests –  Prayers of thankfulness for the tribe of F3 and what we all mean to each other.  Also prayed for the sick and those connected to us with health issues of any sort.


BTB thanks for wearing your weight vest like you did at my FNG day a year ago.

Venus – Thanks for leading the Q a year ago when I came for my first experience in the gloom.

LETC – Thanks for being the first person to reach out to me that day to connect and make me feel welcome.  I appreciate you as a man, brother, and leader.

The Adjuster – Thanks for coming out today.  It was an honor to have you at Stingray, since you have a new home AO.

Ball Bearing – Thanks for your encouragement every time I’ve seen you over the last year.  Your banter and jovial nature is refreshing.

Ugly Stik – Thanks for being the Nantan.  You are killin it.  It means a lot to us every time you post and you always push the envelope!

Trump – You are truly a good ole boy for ECU.  I appreciate how you embrace and give away the brotherhood that is F3

GOBO – Thanks for introducing us to the Pickle Pumper.  Our lives will never be the same.  Bahahahaha.  You incorporate this into our workouts every chance you get.

Sparky – There is no quit in you.  You are a man of great wisdom, and I’ve really enjoyed the wisdom you share with every Q and Ruth’s and Reflection that you lead.

Etch-A-Sketch – Though you weren’t there today, I appreciate meeting you at my first post a year ago.  You are a witty guy, and the creativity of your Qs (and quite frankly, everything you do) is inspiring.  F# Shoe Champion!  Next shoe is a specially designed ruck shoe.

Shout to all of the Pax of Stingray – You always bring your A Game, and I am thankful to God for our friendships. STRONG. WORK.












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