Metal Mania Warm-up


QIC: Brady

# of PAX: 4 (must have been a good day to FS)

Pax: Man Hands, AED and Snickers

Warmorama: SSH 47, Cotton Pickers- 20, Cobra Squats- 15, Cobra Merkins- 10

The Thang:

Short Indian Run then off to the Dora

1) 100 Sumo Wrestler Squats – 2) 200 American Hammers –3) 300 Overhead Thrust Squats all with 20-30 lbs

1) Partners Bear Crawled across field to seize 10 Merkins 2) Ran backwards across field with 5 burpees then 3) Ran across field with 5 box jumps

Finished with a Puerto Rican Indian Run (5 Merkins then sprint to front)

Mary: 15 Box Cutters, 10 Freddie Mercuries, 10 Leg Thrusters

COT: Announced Official Leland Metal Mania starting this Monday

Man Hands celebrating how 2/3 of Africa Mission Trip has been raised so far. 1 month and $1,000 to go

A couple of healing prayer request.




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