Mayhem happens!!


QIC: Mayhem

Pax: YHC, Pony Express, Jiffy Pop, LETC, Tiny Dancer, FNG (PSB), Tom Sawyer, The Adjuster, Last, BG, Wreck it Ralph, Bone Spur, Sunshine, Gobo, Parrothead, Minecraft, TD

Warmorama: SSH 20, Hillbilly 20, Cotton Picker 20, Morrocan Nightclub 20

The Thang:

Stay in the warm-up circle two people do a lap around the parking lot while the rest of us did an exercise until they got back then two more did a lap.

We did: Merkins, low plank, LBC, squats, mountain climbers, burpees

Formed two lines and did Indian run the long way to the lower parking lot

Partner up with one partner running down the hill doing 5 burpees and running back while the other partner does and exercise. The partner did wall jumps, dips, jump squats, incline merkins, decline merkins, LBC

Sprints x 2

Mosey to the AO for Mary – Heels to heaven, flutter kicks


Strong work. It was an honor and privileged to lead this great group of men.


(sorry for the late backblast)



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