Goose Poop Island Circuit


QIC: Pony Express

# of PAX: 19

PAX: YHC, Dixie Chick, Wreck it Ralph, Niles, Edger, Tiny Dancer, Gravity, Mayhem, Blade, Last, Breaker Breaker, Snickers, PSB, Square Root, Fire Marshall Bill, Milton, Minecraft, Mr. T, The Adjuster

Warmorama:  SSH IC 20, Cotton Pickers IC 21, Mountain climbers IC 15

The Thang: Line up for an Indian Run to the pull up bars. Once at the pull up bars, pair up and start off with 10 pull ups, then mosey to the bridge. Bear crawl over the bridge, then 10 burpees. Next, mosey to the steps on the other side, now  20 squats. Mosey to the first speed bump and do 20 merkins, then mosey back to the pull up bars. Complete 5 times. After we finished, we did some MARY while we wait for the six. Flutter kicks, LBC’s, and Freddy Mercurys. When everyone finished, we moseyed back to the parking lot, then sprinted to the flag.


Ok. This was a lot of information, if I forgot someone or something please accept my apologies and post info on slack. Prayers for Gravity’s mother-in-law on her cancer diagnosis and treatment. For Mr. T with his dental surgery today. Hope it went well.

Announcements: Birthday F2 at Brewers Kettle Thursday at 1830. Next Thursday, May 10, make a wish fundraiser at Watermans Brewery.

Looking to add a second team to the Blue Ridge Relay, if interested, check with Mr. Kotter.

Blueberry Festival 5K on June 16. Partnering with Ainsley’s Angels, check with Blade

Leland Heavy Metal Mania starts Monday May 7.

Fire Marshall Bill mentioned having a tough time posting lately, he committed to posting at HMP on slack and got others to commit as well. Strong work FMB. Glad you were there. And thanks to Edger for posting at HMP ; come back anytime.

Thanks to all PAX for posting this morning. It was an honor and a privilege to lead.

Pony Express-out




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