Snickers is 42



QIC: Snickers

Pax: YHC, Blue Steel, PSB, Pony Express, Jiffy Pop, Sweater Vest, Gravity, Surf&Turf, Blade, Fire Marshal Bill, FNG (Dog Fight), Dixie Chick, FNG (Pathfinder), LETC, Mr. Kotter, Niles, Tiny Dancer, FNG (RainMaker), Brady, FNG (square root)

Warmorama: SSH IC 42

The Thang:

17 stations were planned and 4 were added, so many i forgot a few below. So today I turned 42 years old and was concerned that I would struggle with the change from 41 to 42 in the name-o-rama. So to help me out with that I invited all 21 PAX to help reinforce the age change with completing 42 reps of each exercise. We changed stations when the last PAX finished the forty Second rep. This turned out to be the PAX on the Burpees:) The PAX who finished their 42 reps, would then complete 42 LBC’s, and if there was still time they would do a straight arm plank for a 42 count. Sadly we only made it through 11 stations and not everyone got the joy of Box Jumps or Burpees. And guess what, I said the correct age in the name-o-rama. I think my plan worked. Thanks for the help brothers. 

Merkins, Box Jump, Burpees, Military Press, Row, Tricep Extension, Bicep Curl, Farmer carry, Racked Reverse Lunge, Wide Merkin, Regular Lunge, American Hammer, Scissor Kick, KB Swing, Squat Thruster, Dead Left, Over Head Squat, Goblet Squat, and a few more. 

Welcome the four FNG that entered the gloom this morning. Strong work men.

COT: Leland Metal Militia launches May 7th, Need Q’s to step up and take the lead on the Q calendar, Prayers for Gravities Mother,  

Strong work Everyone. As also it was an honor and privileged to lead this great group of men.

Snickers OUT



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