DATE: 4/27/18

 QIC: 8penny

PAX: MrKotter, EPO, TheMountie, Glass Joe, Heisenberg, Blade, Daggerboard, Chicken Noodle, RX, Money Gun, Tea Party, Fatback, DananaDanana, TinyTank, Niles, Hoff

***ScreamingEagles are all jacked about our guests from Downtown because if at least 5 make it back to COT from the Shawshank, we get to celebrate with 20 Burpees and we LOVE Burpees!


Seal Claps x30 IC
CottonPickers x20 IC
Burpees x5 OYO, sprint down path to first building, Burpees x5 OYO


Enter soccer field for a proper 4-Corner Escalator using the far corners of the field.

  • Corner 1: Carolina Dry Dock x20
  • Corner 2: Carolina Dry Dock x20 + Jump Lunges x20
  • Corner 3: Carolina Dry Dock x20 + Jump Lunges x20 + Flutter Kicks x20
  • Corner 4: Carolina Dry Dock x20 + Jump Lunges x20 + Flutter Kicks x20 + Mike Tyson x20
  • Back to start: Burpees x20

Good job, now lets go!  Quick mosey to the Central Ditch and down to the bottom.

DORA Shawshank 1-2-3:

One partner exercises while the other Bear Crawls through the concrete culvert to the East Ditch then runs back, stopping in the road to do 4 Burpees.  Together, complete the following:
Spider Merkins x100
Bobby Hurley’s x200
Heals to Heaven x300

Prison break back to the flags!

The Battleship crew brought 8 Pax, all present and accounted for at COT, marking their inaugural capture of the Ghost Flag!  It was a touching moment for all… to be commemorated by nothing less than 20 Burpees OYO.  Exercise!


  • Niles got the Beast Award for the day before we even started as YHC witnessed him doing 60 in a 45 and blowing a red light through Monkey Junction all while running 4min early! Pretty sure he flipped off the Sheriff parked at the fire station as well.
  • After a little prison break practice, The Hoff was ready for his day in court.
  • Chicken Noodle conquered his fear of confined spaces in exchange of a greater fear of being shot!
  • Glass Joe would rather be shot than face confined spaces.
  • Only his 2nd day back and RX was crushing it, the man has heart!
  • An absolute pleasure hosting the Downtown boys and don’t believe anything Stingray says about them…they bring it!
  • Blade is organizing an event with Ainsley’s Angels, The Blueberry 5K
  • Sat 5/5 will be the season opener Chase the Shark work-out prior to Baywatch with an Ultimate Football game on the beach after Baywatch
  • Prayers for Nomad’s girlfriend’s family

Thank you for the opportunity to lead!!
-8penny out!



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