My name is Gravity, and this is my LA gun story.

One of my most favorite lines in a movie is “We’ve been here 5 minutes and I can’t believe I already have an LA gun story.” Be the first to name the movie in Mumblechatter and I’ll buy your breakfast at Jimbo’s.

Today we worked on our arms.

Date: 04/27/2018

AO:: Leland

# of Pax: 15

Pax: Mouse Trap, Balthazar, Snickers, UFO, Brady, Dept. Dawg, Durden (F3 Whiteville), Cannoli, Babby Daddy, The Bream (F3 Whiteville), Cover Charge, AED (FNG) and Gravity

QIC: Gravity

Soundtrack: The Very Best of Van Halen

YHC ventured across the River of Fear to deliver a West Bank Beatdown (west bank of the River)

The Thang:

F3 mission, welcome and disclaimer – the Q is not interested in Warm-o-Rama, so we get right into it.

Upper Body Tabata – 8 rounds with 25 seconds of work separated by 10 seconds of rest between reps, 20 seconds of rest between stations.

Station 1: Bench Press – using the cooler, or ground, bench press the matching KBs

Station 2: Resistance Band Curls – using the milk crate and a resistance band, do curls setting the resistance to whatever you can handle.

Station 3: West Bank Warrior Presses – sitting on the ground, with legs in a V shape, rack the KB on the back of your wrists/arms – then overhead press.

Station 4: RDLs (Roman Dead Lifts) – Hinge at the hip and squeeze those glutes boys.

Station 5: Single Glute Bridge Press – Take that image, and add decline bench press to the mix; alternate feet with each rep.

Station 6: Butterflies

Station 7: Resistance Bands Merkins – this proved to be the toughest station.

Station 8: Al Gore Squats with the Sand Bags.

Mary w/ Bells – about now it starts to rain.

La Cucaracha – ask me in person and I will demonstrate.

Heels to Heaven – hold in the up position for a 10 count.

COT: lots of prayer requests – gonna do what I can to recount everything here.

The Bream has a family member with cancer – short term expectancy with no treatment, a year with – really tough and he needs our prayers.

Cover Charge needs prayers, his son has left home and is threatening to quit school.

Man Hands is raising money for a mission trip.

YHC’s mother in law was diagnosed with lung cancer yesterday – waiting for more details and testing.

Skins: The first ever Heavy Metal Workout in LA was a blast – I may have been a little over ambitious with the weight, but we pushed through. Strong work by all.

Edger – you were missed. Fartsacking is a virus.

The Bream & Durden – thanks for driving down from Whiteville – you guys are the right dudes to be leading Whiteville – keep head locking. Starting a heavy metal workout will help as the FNGs will feel better knowing the running is minimal.

Cannoli & Mousetrap – I think we met for the first time today, but apparently a welcome back is in order. After today’s workout, you now have the strength to Fight the Fartsack.

Snickers – congrats brother, you’ve got a good thing going over there and nice AO despite the inability to play the music loud like I like.

I’m sorry to those in attendance that we did not have time for wind sprints – I’ll make it up to you … I promise.

Gravity out – “you are so money baby”


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