Tough Ruckers walk in the park!

4/25/18 HMP

Pax: 6 Gobo, Pony Express, Chewie, WooWoo, Billy, Flight Nurse

QIC: Flight Nurse

WARM-A-RAMA: Squatsx40, SSHx30, OH Pressx20, Merkinsx10


Ruck pace 14:30 mile

Every 1/2 mile- Pyramid (down and then back up)

40 Squats

30 SSH

20 OH Press

10 Merkins

10 Merkins

20 OH Press

30 SSH

40 Squats

Replaced 2nd set of OH Presses with curls on 2nd mile

Totals- Squats(360), SSH (270), OH Press (140),Curls (40), Merkins (90)

MARY: Flutter Kick x 30, Heels to Heaven x 20


Welcome back Gobo from Heavy.

During Mary random dude asked what we were doing Pony Express, Gobo and I put the full court press on and invited him out, gave F3 card and introduced everyone…..we will see, F3 is contagious!! Shout out to young PAX (Woo,Woo and Chewie) giving up an evening of video games for some solid F1&F2, young leaders no doubt!!!!!!

Brewers Kettle: Sat outside in the shade while Gobo regaled us with stories of the Heavy over a few cold beers.



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