Creative Fandangledness by EOM – 4/25/18

4/25/18 – STINGRAY AO

PAX: 21 Awesome Pax Posted at Stingray this morning. – Flounder, OTC, Ulgy Stick, Bob The Builder, Yankee, Shrek, Knuckle Puck, Etch-A-Sketch, Butterfly, Bogey, Ball Bearing, Quatro, Chop Shop, LETC, Bambam, Tenenbaum, Babyback, ShamWow, Venus, Dino, EOM



Side Straddle Hop – X30

Hill Billy – X30

Makhtar Pickle Pumpers – 10 pickle pumpers in low plank, 10 pickle pumpers in high plank, 4 sets.

Ball Merkins – X10 IC

Surfing practice – Paddle as if on a surfboard, paddling onto a wave.  Pax paddle, until the Q shouts, “SURF”.  Then pax remain in a low squat turned sideways (as if standing a surfboard), with a slight bounce (to simulate ripping ta wave), until Q shouts “PADDLE”.  Rinse and repeat


WARM-A-RUNO – Mosey to the baseball field as a glob – Don’t leave the 6

The Cycle – From home plate, mountain climber (crawl) to 1st base, 3 burpees, climber mount (crawl)  back to home.  From home plate, mountain climber around the bases to 2nd base, 6 burpees, climber mountain back to home From home plate, mountain climber around the bases to third base, 9 burpees, climber mountain back to home. From home plate, mountain climber around the bases to home plate.  when you reach home plate, 12 burpees

WARM-A-RUNO – Mosey to the coupon pile as a glob – Don’t leave the 6

Chest workout – (grab a pair of medium coupons and a pair of heavy coupons)

Svend Press – 2 medium rocks X25

Close grip rock press – 2 heavy rocks pressed together as you press them up. (flex the pecks at the top of the press) X30 – Q Call “UP” on each count.


Mosey back to the COT in parking lot


Announcements –

EH’d some Q’s for May Calendar

Q School – Wednesday, May 2nd 6:00pm at Islands in Ogden.  @Knuckle Puck, @Butterfly, and @Shrek AND now @ShamWow  (EH’d him this morning) will be there.  Who else?

Vote for Etch-A-Sketch’s Shoe Battle – See the link he posted yesterday in mumblechatter

Prayers –

Flounder’s friend has prostate cancer, praying for healing and sound mind for family – Jesus healed people while he walked the earth, so why wouldn’t he want to do this now, right!

LETC’s friend is going through a divorce. She has been a stay-at-home mom for many year, and her husband has embraced the sad clown and has given his life to other women.  Pray for his freedom from sex addiction and for her to find peace of mind and a stable job that can provide for her needs and then some –

In light of all of this LETC encouraged us to be upright men who do the right thing and take care of business when it comes to our families and our heart.

Continued prayers for Flounder’s daughter, that she will have no more fainting spells.



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