Earth, Wind & Rain

DATE: 4/24/18 

QIC: 8penny



SSH x30 IC
Cotton Pickers x20 IC
Merkins x15 IC


Well, considering all the hydroplaning on the way in, I figured we’d start by covering some solid ground so we hit the beach.  We headed north in a scene reminiscent to Moby Dick and continued until the ocean swallowed the beach which got us a little over 2 miles.  We switched it up at this point and navigated Lumina River back south to the AO.  We logged about 4-1/2 miles in a nice little post-Heavy leg shake-out and it felt good to be out in the elements.


  • Thanks for posting Bob, always better to run with someone, even when it’s too windy to talk!
  • Well, that’s enough of the elements…quick name-o-rama, close-out and off to the Workshop for a coffee.
  • The Workshop turned out to be a treat as we were graced by the company of a Sherpa. He didn’t seem the type you’d want as a guide up Mt Everest but he was definitely a Sherpa…it said so on his business card!
  • The Sherpa embarked some profound wisdom on us that serves as a subtle reminder that it always pays to post in the rain.

Until next time…
-8penny out!



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