Tortured by Edger!!!


QIC: Edger

Pax: YHC, Snickers, Mac&Chuck, Balthazar, LETC, Uglystik, Toothpick, babydaddy and Homer

Warmorama: SSH IC 25, Cotton Pickers IC 25, Standing Long Sit IC x 15

The Thang:

After the warm up all the PAX headed to the field for three rounds of gassers. Gassers: run to the other end of the field complete 5 Burpees, run back complete 5 more Burpees  round one complete. Repeat two more times. 

Mosey half the loop and add 10 more Burpees. Once back at the AO the PAX partnered up for a wheel barrow, merkin, squat cone combo. Four cones in a line, at the cones each pair will complete 5 merkins and 5 squat together. At the other end the partners switched and returned to the starting line. Partners shared 30 Merkins, completed 15 Spiderman Planks to a jump squat, 10 J-Lo’s, and 5 elbow plank push ups 

Partners moseyed to the playground to share 25 pull-ups. After the pull-ups the PAX moseyed to the platform to complete two rounds of 10 box jumps, 30 Tricep dips, 10 derkins, and 20 incline merkins.

Mary: LBC IC 30, ABC IC, Box Cutters IC forward and backwards, Scissor kicks IC 20 

COT: Leland Metal Militia launches May 7th

Strong work Everyone. You have survived 

Edger OUT



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