4/20 Smoker

Date: 4/20/2018

AO: Stingray

# of PAX: 18

PAX: Billy Madison, Strings, Jiffy Pop, Glass Joe, ShamWOW, Chicken Noodle, Butterfly, Shrek, EOM, Sparky, Chop Shop, OTC, Ball Bearing, Spin Doctor, Knuckle Puck, Yankee, Bogie

QIC: BabyBack (VQ)


Side Straddle Hop X 30 IC
Morroccan Night Club X 30 IC
Imperial Walker X 25 IC
Windmill X 20 IC

The Thang:

Carterican Indian Run Double Applesauce style around soccer fields and ending at coupon pile near skate park.

At the coupon pile:

  • Lion Kings X 20 IC w/ coupon (with theatrical music provided by Glass Joe)
  • Tricep Press X 20 IC w/ coupon
  • Partner up for American Hammers of brotherly love X 20 OYO w/ coupon

Mosey to tennis courts for Twisted DORAcides:

  • Exercise:
    • 100 Dead stop merkins
    • 200 Squats
    • 300 LBCs
  • Partner Runs:
    • Suicide Sprints
    • Bear Crawl across, run back
    • Lunges across, run back
  • Lots of smack talk from Ball Bearing enthused the PAX to push hard here. Clothes were shed including Spin Doctor’s pants.
  • Mary for the six. Thanks to Ball Bearing for leading a variety of exercises including protractor as YHC was one of the six.

Trace parking lot beside courts.

Mosey to the flag


Heavy this weekend starting this afternoon.
Convergence at Baywatch on Saturday.
Etch-a-Sketch’s shoe competition. Continue voting at worldsneakerchampionship.com
Q school. May 2 6pm at Islands. Message EOM if you’re interested.
St. Mark’s International Food Festival is this weekend. See message on Slack from Spin Doctor.

Praise and Prayer Requests:
Praise and Thanks for Ball bearing being back.
Rx’s father in law passing. Pray for comfort for the family.
Friend of Sparky has cancer – 2 weeks to a month to live.
Chop Shop’s wife’s friend has lung cancer with about a month to live as well.
Sparky’s Son-in-law, Dr. Doolittle, has his boards today for his Vet License.
Sparky gone next week on a cruise with his wife to celebrate their 30th anniversary! Have an awesome time, Sparky!

Big shoutout to Jiffy Pop from HMP, Glass Joe and Chicken Noodle from Screaming Eagle for making the trek to support my VQ! You men are awesome! One of them brought the average octave level of the PAX up a bit. Screaming Eagle regulars would know who that was!

It was a privilege and an honor to lead the PAX through the gloom this morning!

BabyBack Out!



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