Stairway to Heaven


QIC: Snickers

Pax: YHC, Edger, Fatback, Peach Gobbler, Busted Grill, Last, Hoveround, Heisenberg, Flight Nurse, and Brady

Warmorama: Seal Clap IC 25, Imperial Walkers IC 25, Cotton Picker IC x 15

The Thang:

After the warm up the PAX partnered up. Each pair were given a 45lb sandbag. From the AO we headed over to the parking garage (a little too slow for FatBack) and and made our way to the top floor. Once at the top the instructions were given. The thang was a DORA 1, 3, 5.  100 Merkins, 300 Squats, and 500 LBC’s. While partner one started the Merkins partner two headed down the stairs with the sand bag. Once at the bottom of the stairs partner two completed 5 burpees and headed back up to the top. For the Squats Partner one keeps the sandbag while partner two heads back down the stairs for 5 burpees and back up. For the LBC’s partner one gives back the sandbag to partner two to carry down and up the stairs without forgetting the 5 Burpees. Once finished the PAX headed back to the AO for a Little MARY.

Mary: Imperial Walkers IC 20, Heels to Heavy IC15, and Scissor Kicks 20 IC

COT: Announcements Leland Launching Mondays on May 7th “Leland Metal Militia”, Edger’s VQ is tomorrow in Leland. All Saturday AO’s converging at Baywatch to cheer on our PAX doing the GoRuck Heavy 

Strong work Everyone.! So grateful for F3 and the men who make it what it is. 

Snickers OUT



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