Monster Factory Back blast 4/18/18

QIC: Chop Shop

Warm-up: 25 seal claps ic, 25 mountain climbers ic, 20 merkins oyo.

We started off with an Indian run around the soccer field with a 50 lb ruck sack, then headed to the pull up bars. We did 10 pull ups and 10 merkins in 1 minute intervals 5 times. Then we headed over to the pick nick tables. There we did 20 box jumps, 20 lunges, 20 split jacks, and 20 squats for a total time of 12 minutes. Then headed over to the parking lot to play black jack. Run to the end of the lot and do 1 merkin, run back and 20 LBCs, run back to the other side 2 merkins run back 19 LBCs,  rinse and repeat till time run out.

19 Pax: Blue Steel, quarto, LETC, Knuckle Puck, OTC, Bob The Builder, Bogie, Dino, Yankee, Zuckerberg, Coffee Bean, Butterfly, sparky, Quaalude, Baby Back, Ball Bearing, EOM, Spin Doctor, Chop Shop.



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