Tuesday Ruckership


AO: Run Forest Ruck

QIC: DaggerBoard (run) / Blade (ruck)

# of PAX: 14 (12 runners / 2 ruckers)

PAX: Sweater Vest, Tiny Dancer, Busted Grill, Seahorse, Pony Express, Heisenberg, Sparky, Hoveround, Money Gun, Mr. Kotter, Fat Back, Peach Cobbler (FNG)

Cool conditions met us at the AO. Strong work by the Carolina Place Militia, yet another FNG. They’ll have a bus or conversion van soon enough, is “clown van” a term??


lead by DaggerBoard (YHC will let his VBB give you the details)

The Thang (Ruck Edition)

~ first things first, get Tiny Dancer heading in the right direction to meet the runners ~

Ruckership was the goal today. Seahorse & YHC wandered for ~2.4 miles, talked about shipping from China, getting lost on the UNCW trails, landscaping, larger than life landscapers (if you need a guy, get with Seahorse), and managed to draw via GPS what resembles a dog giving a fist bump.

Not sure what the runners were up to, we did pass eachother briefly, so there was running involved…

Thanks for the company Seahorse!

COT / Moleskin


Blueberry Festival 5K – 06/16 – Partnering with Ainsley’s Angels – See Slack for details

Strong work by DaggerBoard on his VQ. Looking forward to taking part in another Q of yours soon!

I’ll let DaggerBoard fill in the rest…


Until next time…




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