Monday Circuits

DATE: 04/16/18
# of PAX: 16
PAX: Knuckle Puck, Yankee, OTC, Butterfly, Sparky, Baby Back, Etch A Sketch, EOM, Zuckerberg, Dino, Chop Shop, Flounder, Snail Mail, Venus, Trump


  • SSH x 25 IC
  • Hill Billy x 25 IC


  • mosey to the track and partner up
  • Circuit is as follows:
    • at swings: 25 wooly worms
    • at parking lot: broad jump burpee across lot
    • at coupon pile: 25 curls each arm
    • at pull up bars: 10 pull ups
    • at Ring of Fire: bear crawl around loop
    • at new pull up bars: 10 pull ups
    • you and your partner run opposite directions around loop. Every time you pass each other, stop for 10 Patty Cake Merkins
    • do two laps total
  • Mary while we wait for the SIX
  • mosey to Faith Hill
  • keep your partner for DORACIDES
      • 100- merkins
      • 200- big boy sit ups
      • 300- squats
    • partner runs:
      • up the hill, 1 burpee, back down
      • up the hill, 2 burpees, back down
      • up the hill, 3 burpees, back down
    • flapjack
  • flutter kicks on the hill facing downward x 25 IC
  • mountain climbers facing uphill x 15 IC
  • mosey to the flag!


  • The Heavy is this weekend! We could use continued support throughout the event! DM me if interested!

That’s it! Sorry my post is late EOM!

BTB – over and out!


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