A Very Bearded Beatdown

F3 Leland Pop-up
Date: 4/17/18

QIC: Balthazar and Snickers

Pax: YHC, Snickers, Man Hands, Cover Charge, Brady and Baby Daddy.

25 Side Straddle Hops IC, 15 Cotton Pickers IC, 25 Imperial Walkers IC, Ran a lap around the park.

The Thang – Bearded style
Part 1: Hop-orama
Pax partnered up, one partner planked while the other partner hopped around the playground. Went two rounds. Way worse than it sounds. Try it some time.
Part 2: Belch time
We belched the field, once we reached the resting place we held an Al Gore (Happy Earth Day this Sunday, fellas. Full round of ABCs on our backs. Belched back to the other side of the field.
Part 3: Merkin stations
Did merkins and incline pullups. Some of us did derkins as well. Should have made derkins one of the stations. Live and learn!

Brady delivered some solid ab mary he learned from his son who is bravely serving the military overseas (S2T). Ab blast to the max. Box Cutter (in cadence for round 1 and then by the numbers), word spelling variation of ABCs. Capped off by LBCs.

Man Hands is going to Africa, still has over $1,000 to raise.

Thanks for letting me lead the Thang, Snickers. Great time, good work from the PAX. Going to make it tougher next time!!

Balthazar out!!



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