Tabata Today

Date: 4/16/18
Where: OG-AO HMP

Pax: Deputy Dawg, Gravity, Jiffy Pop, Milton, Snickers, Tiny Dancer, and Tom Sawyer.

Snickers did an EC solo Ruck of 5ish miles, we will treat him with the combination of ridicule and respect that deserves. 8 goal pax gathered at HMP to start their week right. The rain was gone and the temps were perfect. Let’s grab our steel balls and get this thang going.

0530 was called, and the first exercise was being called when Snickers went on a mosey around the parking lot. We decided to follow this sad clown on the lap. Now YHC thinks we are ready to start warmup.
SSH ic x 20
Imperial walkers ic x w0

The Thang – The tabata- 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, 8 sets
KB swings
Goblet squats
Squat presses
Lawnmower pulls
Upright rows
V ups
KB burpees

Mary turned into another lap so Snickers could earn a patch. We took the kbs and did triceps extensions and curls along the way.

Deputy Dawg needs a job. Gravity’s Dad turns 84 today and YHC’ s Mom turns 75. Prayers for mine craft. Grateful for F3..

Moleskin- Snickers we are proud of your Ruckamania. Tclaps brother. If y’all are not making HeavyMetal, you’re missing out. No better way to start your week.


Thanks for the opportunity to lead. Always an honor and a pleasure.

LETC – out



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