Spider Balls!

Date: 4/16/18


QIC : Sir-Mix-A-lot

# Of PAX:  17

PAX: 8 Penny, Fox Trot, Hasselhoff, EPO, Hooch, Nomad, Chicken Noodle, Tombstone, Tea Party, Pumking, Sunshine, Tubbs, FNG “Crockett” Donut, Crosswalk, Minecraft (F3 Raleigh). 

Warm O Rama: SSH IC 40, Hillbillies IC 20, Cotton Pickers IC 20, Bend and reach AKA stretch out a little because its about to get painful. That’s enough warmup, let’s get it on!

The Thang:

Mosey over to the gazebo for a little Dora 123.

The exercises are:

·         Derkins

·         Merkins

·         Incline Merkins

Of course, while your partner is preforming the exercises you run to whatever landmark is designated for your lane and pick up where you left off until all the repetitions are completed. 8penny and Minecraft form F3 Raleigh finished first a led the rest of the beast in some Mary.

Next, lets Mosey over to Ashley High School for a little exercise called Peter Parker’s Balls, or Spider Balls depending on who you talk to.

So, this is a variation of Balls to the Wall and Peter Parkers, it looks as painful as it sounds but adds some extra pain and muscle failure to the shoulders. The PAX completed 10 Reps IC and then held for 8 Penny’s “10 count” which I think ended up being around 45 seconds, but who’s counting?

Mosey over to the Pull up bars and break up into 3 teams.

One team is DIPS, one team is PULLUPS and one team is Merkins. Keep preforming the exercise until I say switch, or you are at complete muscle failure. This was without a doubt the cherry on top of an already beautiful beatdown.

Mosey back to the flag where Foxtrot led the Pax in over 50 IC Flutter kicks. Having said that Foxtrot was leading form the front the entire beatdown and motivated the hell out of me and the rest of the PAX!Strong Work Brother!

COT/ Moleskin:

Congratulations Chicken Noodle on the new position of site Shake for the Screaming Eagles I know you are going to do a great job!

Welcome FNG Crockett! Strong Work Tubbs on the HC!

 Prayers for the safety for the Go Ruck HEAVY, and all the PAX looking for ways to fake an injury before the event. Just kidding, the Screaming Eagles are motivated and ready to dominate that 24-hour event! But seriously prayers for the safety of everyone involved.

Prayers request for RX’s family and Nomads family too.

Keep the team, family, and loved ones involved in the hockey accident up north in our prayers.

As always it’s a pleasure to lead gentlemen, 

Sir mix- out!



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