Doracides on the fly



QIC: Blade

# of PAX: 12

PAX: Mayhem, Tiny Dancer, Wreck-it-Ralph, Last, Trump, Jiffy Pop, Rainman, Tom Sawyer, Busted Grill, Mr. T, Timeout

Awesome weather for Friday the 13th. No better way to start the day than ITG. With no preblast for HMP/OGAO by around 1800 on Thursday, YHC decided to Hoff the mystery Q. (Thusly, this Q was comprised of shooting from the hip)


Toy Soldiers x15IC

Cotton Pickers x15IC

Pigeon Stretch x2 (1 each leg)


The Thang

Mosey around the loop to the tennis courts

Doracides  –  100 Merkins | 200 Squats | 300 LBCs  –  Suicides all 4 courts

Mosey out the back & through the woods to the pull-up bars

assist partner if needed – each PAX does:

5 pull-ups | 10 dips

10 pull-ups | 15 dips

5 pull-ups | 10 dips

Mosey around the pond & back toward the flag

YHC realized we were only .04 from hitting 2 miles, so turn around – back to the speed bump & back to the flag. 2 miles done!



… not sure …

Warrior 1/2/3 pose – stretching both sides


COT / Moleskin

Sign up to take the Q!

Leland needs an official name & adding Monday “metal” workout in May.

Blue Clay Breakout : 05/26

Blueberry Festival 5K : 06/16 ~ look for more info on Slack ~


Until next time…







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