Breaking Thursday Tradition


AO: Affordable Thursday / Screaming Eagle

QIC: Blade

# of PAX: 9

PAX: Rocket Queen, Flamer, 8Penny, Gravity, Hooch, Crosswalk, Sunshine, Trolley Stop

YHC broke from tradition and posted somewhere other than Battleship on a Thursday. This also marked YHC’s first Q outside “home” territory (HMP, RFR, BS). T-Claps Gravity for bringing the Kettlebells.


Toy Soldier x15IC

Hillbillies x15IC

Cotton Pickers x15IC


The Thang

Mosey w/ KBs thru shelter – L @ bridge – R @ Baseball field (along 1st base side)

Partners – 2 KBs / pair

  1. Partner Carry w/ 1 KB to far tree
  2. P1 : Clean/Press x5 ea side | Swings x10 | OH Tri Ext x15 | Squats x20

           P2 : Sprint back / get KB – back w/ 6x 8c BodyBuilders @ ⅓ & ⅔

     3) P2 : leave KBs – drag P1 ½ way – sprint back for KBs & back to start

           P1 : SSH until P2 arrive – finish w/ P2


Big Boy Sit-Ups x10 (w/ KB)

Merkins x25 

Mosey back to flags

Circle (1 KB each)

Each Pax Military Press x7 w/ slosh pipe

While waiting Remaining pax:

        Lunge (KB OH)| Mower Pull | Hold Out/Dirty Diaper –  Rotate to Left each turn



Heels to Heaven x20IC (Gravity)

LBC w/ KB x25IC (8Penny)

100’s x25 (YHC)


COT / Moleskins

Thanks for the warm welcome as Q! You may see me again on a Thursday…

Ghost Flag was captured by Screaming Eagle @ HMP on Wednesday, but coincidentally was delivered to Screaming Eagle by YHC. You’re welcome for the safe delivery, treat her well…

Lots of events coming up soon – Blue Clay Breakout 05/26 |  Blueberry Festival 5K 06/16


Until next time…





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