1 + 6 and 28

Date: 4/14/18

AO: SilverFox

QIC: Sparky

# of PAX: 7

PAX: Moab (R), Mr. Miyaig (R), Hoveround (R), Double Check, LETC (R), Tom Sawyer (R), Sparky (R)


Overhead Claps X 27 IC

Moroccan Night Clubs X 27 IC
Someone said they detected a pattern with the rep count, QIC explained the # 27 was significant that it is his 2.0’s (youngest daughter’s) birthday today!

Guantanamo X 2 (Look it up)

SSH X 28 IC (One to grow on)


Indian run long way around to the basketball count
(PAX up front, steps out and holds Al Gore until all PAX past, then does 5 Merkins and catches back up to the back of line. Once everyone has gone once, QIC stopped PAX. Next part, PAX run backward, PAX are the rear sprints to the front. This continues until reached the basketball court)

Partner up for BOMBS
P1 does exercise while P2 runs around the soccer goal and back, switch until accumulated number of reps per each exercise is reached.

50 – Burpees
100 – Outlaws
150 – Merkins
200 – Big boy sit-ups
250 – Squats

11’s with a twist
Start at one end of basketball count, bear crawl to half way, lunge the other half to the far end, do exercise #1 (Burpee-10), run backwards to the start, do exercise #2 (Merkin-1) Continue decrease exercise #1, Increase exercise #2)
(Was running short on time so QIC called, once you complete 6-Burpees and 5-Merkin, replace bear crawls and lunges with a normal run)

Finished just in time, Mosey back to AO


– Continue prayers for @R-X ‘s Father-in-law in hospice
– Continue prayers for @Mindcraft after the loss of his bother
– Continue prayers for @LETC ‘s father, recovers from skin cancer removal
– @Tom Sawyer talked prayers for a man he meet that was having marriage issues
– College Acres Baptist Church is hosting Zachary Williams, Chain Breaker Spring Revival Tour May 5th. Get your tickets now!
– QIC talked about F3 has a way of providing such great accountability

The SilverFox Exective team voted to put the SilverFox AO on hold until after the summer starting May 1st.  With 2 beach AO’s open, and everyone’s love for the beach, it still provides two Saturday workout locations so take advantage of them.

Thanks for letting me lead such a great group of men

Until next time!

Sparky over and out




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