Lake Laps

# of PAX: 7

PAX: Tea Party, Flight Nurse, Tiny Tank, Sir_Mix_a_Lot, Chicken Noodle, 8-Penny, Foxtrot

QIC: Foxtrot


Mosey to the Lake (or is it a Pond)

25 SSH, IC

20 Hillbillies, IC

Pidgeon Stretch

10 Press-Ups, OYO

10 Table Tops, IC

The Thang:

Split into teams for a modified lake suicides.

Run 1/3rdof the way around the Lake.  Stop. 25 Merkins and 25 Army Sit-Ups. Return to start.

Run 2/3rdof the way around the Lake.  Stop. 25 Merkins and 25 Army Sit-Ups.  Return to start.

Run all around the Lake.  Stop. 25 Merkins and 25 Army Sit-Ups.

Stay in teams.

Run to 1/3rdpoint around lake.  Teams complete 50 burpees, cumulatively.

Run to 2/3rdpoint around lake.  Teams complete 100 squats, cumulatively.

Run to start point.  Teams complete 150 LBCs, cumulatively.

All PAX keep moseying around lake. Stop.  Burpees OYO. 21 Flutter Kicks, IC.

All PAX keep moseying around lake.  Stop. Burpees OYO. 20 partner leg throw downs.

All PAX start moseying back to gazebo on the Lake.  Complete 20 dips on bench.

All PAX keep moseying back to rock pile.  Select a Fred Flintstone coupon.  Complete 25 arm curls.

All PAX mosey back to the flags which include the Ghost Flag securely enjoying its time on Iron Island.


Strong work by 7 PAXs.  We moved for an hour and covered many, many miles.

EPO, Sir_Mix, and 8-Penny completed 11 EC miles under ruck starting at 0400. Prayers for all of our Heavy participants as they approach the 20th.  Congrats to Gobo for stepping up.  That takes balls.

Q was asked why it’s a called a lake and not a pond. 

The answer is quite simple, really.  Does it sound better when you tell your brothers who fartsacked that you completed 5 laps around a lake or 5 laps around a pond???  

Grateful for a beautiful morning.   There is a lot of crap in the world right now and we are grateful to get up early, feel the sun’s warmth, and be reminded of the blessings in our community and the beauty of an early morning spent near the beach.

Prayers for RX and his family with a father-in-law in hospice.

Prayers for Minecraft.

Please keep the families, communities, and the hockey culture in your prayers.  On April 6th, a bus carrying the Humbolt Broncos, a Canadian Junior Hockey Team (ages 16 – 20), was struck by a tractor trailer in the rural plains of Saskatchewan.  Sixteen players/coaches/staff were killed; fourteen in the accident and two over the past week.  The funerals started yesterday.  Busses are an extension of the locker room.  The camaraderie in the hockey community is unique – tightknit, like brothers, with players living with host families who become another set of parents.  Small communities support these junior teams as like no other.  This hurts.

Please keep our world leaders in your prayers for wisdom and discernment.

Prayers for all serving in any capacity and any uniform.

Strong Work!!! Honor to be the Q. Thank you!

HAAD! | RLTW! | Foxtrot out.



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