Get Your Coupons!

Get Your Coupons!

Date 04/13/18 – SR

QIC: Bam Bam

# of PAX: 18

PAX: Baby Back, Sham Wow, 8-Penny, Snail Mail, Ugly Stick, Venus, OTC, Bob The Builder, Sparky, Ball Bearing, Knuckle Puff, Harrison Masters (FNG, here to known as Bogey), EOM, Quattro, Go-Bo, Sir Mix A Lot, LETC, Bam Bam


  • Seal Clap – 40
  • Shoulder – Moroccan Nightclub – 50
  • 5 Burpees – OWO


  • Backwards Indian Run to Rock Pile – 6 faces forward and sprints to front. Second to 6 (Man in front of 6) turns to slow jog and watch for 6 to make front of line before sprinting to front
  • Each PAX grab a medium sized coupon
  • Turkish Get-Ups With Coupon – 5 Per Side, OWO
  • Circle of Trust (Modified Twin Tower of Trust) – PAX Circle, facing outward, and hold Coupon out at Chest Level. Each member performs a Bear Crawl around the circle (under the Coupons)
  • Mosey to Picnic Shelter With Coupon and Partner Up for DORA (Choose an unfamiliar partner)
  • DORA:
  • Partner A performs exercise while partner B performs Lunges With Twists Around Shelter. Lunges involve moving the coupon in a circular fashion such that it is taken from one side to chest level (arms extended out) back down to other side, in rhythm with lunge movement. Coupon should drop to side of leg not kneeled.
  • When partner B completes travel around shelter, partners join together and perform 10 Good Mornings With Coupon held tight to chest. Partner A then proceeds to Lunges while Partner B proceeds to DORA Exercise.
  • DORA Exercises:
  • 100 Step-Ups With Coupon – Full Back Extension, Keeping Coupon Tight To Chest (Gunners Can Box Jump Instead of Step-Up) – Feel the glutes
  • 200 The Lion King (Start with Coupon Tight to Chest > Squat down and lower Coupon to ankles > Raise Coupon Tight to Body and Thrust Overhead While Standing)
  • 300 Incline Push Ups On Bench (Chest to Bench). At top of push up perform lateral arm raise, alternating arm raised on each push up.
  • Out of Time


  • Count-orama
  • Name-orama
  • Announcements –
    • Welcome FNG Harrison Masters (courtesy of Knucklepuck) – Forever more known as Bogey!
    • GoBo has signed up for The Heavy!
    • GoBo With Q at Baywatch Tomorrow (Head on out and get wet fellas!)
    • 8-Penny has brought out the Boards from hiding
      • Big Board – 7 posts in 7 consecutive days – wildcard is 2 Extra Credit (EC has to be pre-blasted and performed with one extra PAX)
      • Battle Board – 20 posts in 30 days – wildcard of 2 Extra Credits per week (EC has to be pre-blasted and performed with one extra PAX)
    • Sparky has reminded us of the “accountability” we provide to each other, for each other, and for ourselves. Let’s all step up and keep each other going.
    • Prayer Requests –
      • Prayers to LETC’s father in his recovery, and we are all grateful for clear margins on his procedure
      • Prayers to Rx and his family
      • Prayers to Minecraft and his family
  • Thank you gentlemen for allowing me the opportunity to lead today. I am grateful for your patience today as I fumbled my way through the workout and prayer, but I promise my next Q will be smoother than my V-Q.  Bam Bam out.


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