SR 4/11/18

Warmup: 30 SSH, 15 donkey kick, 15 crab humper, 30 seal clap IC

The Thang: 4 stations around the pond: 10 merkinss, 20 coupon thrusts, 30 squats, 40 lunges; three circuits. Run to football field, jump fence, sprint sideline to sideline, 10 merkins, sprint back, 5 burpees, repeat till Q says stop. Back to circle for COP: 20 curb press??, 20 american hammers, 20 mountain climbers, then run tracer around parking lot

Thanks to Knucklepuck, Dino, BamBam, and EOM for helping me finish the task

The PAX (22 strong): Yankee, Quattro, BamBam, EOM, ShamWOW, LETC, Chopshop, Gilligan, Dino, Knucklepuck, Spin Doctor, Etch a Sketch, Snailmail, Bob the Builder, Sparky, Strings, Butterfly, Babyback, FNG (Sajak), BallBearing, UglyStick, OTC

Prayers for LETC dad’s procedure, Minecraft’s family after their loss, Flounder’s daughter Ella

Welcome Sajak, the PAX keeps getting stronger!

Thank you Quattro for leading us in prayer




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