Running the BG Mile


AO: Run Forest Ruck/ UNCW

QIC: Blade(ruck)/ Pony Express(run)

# OF PAX: 15

PAX: Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Busted Grill, Money Gun, Sweater Vest, DaggerBoard, Mr. Kotter, Heisenberg, Seahorse, Parrot Head, Venus, LETC, Trump, Hobo

Warm O Rama: Mountain climbers IC x20, Windmill IC x16, Cotton pickers IC x15

Ruckers-Ruck.                       Runners-Run

The Run Thang

We ran laps around the BG mile, after first lap do 10 Burpees, second lap 10 Mike Tyson’s, third lap 20 flutter kicks. Continue till 6:15. We ran a little over 4 miles.


Daggerboard has VQ next week. Blue Clay Breakout trail run is 5/26. YHC and Quatro will be running the 12 miler. Come join us.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead. It is an honor and a privilege.

Pony Express out.



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