not so rainy turbo tuesday

Date: 4/10/18
QIC: The Ratt
PAX: BTB & 8Penny
AO: Turbo Tuesday @ WB

Warmup: 30 SSH, 30 Windmills

The Thang: Nothing too exciting this morning, we ran down to the south end, where we stopped and did Jacob’s Ladder. 1 to 7, Prisoner Squats and Diamond Merkins. We then ran back to the church with BTB and 8Penny leading the way. I think BTB and 8Penny had some good convo, but couldn’t here since I was way behind. I think the Ratt is a little out of shape, so guess I need to Q more to post more. PAX were great motivation and getting faster by the day. We then ran a 5min mile (not really) up and back in Harbour Island until the time ran out. Ended with some stretching and talk about fixing compressors and nail guns. After we did the ball of man, BTB bought me breakfast and coffee at the Workshop. Great dreary morning. The end.



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