I can feel something inside of me…


AO: Run Forest Ruck / UNCW

QIC: Blade (ruck) / Pony Express (run)

# of PAX: 15

PAX: Sir-Mix-A-Lot, Busted Grill, Heisenberg, Seahorse, Parrot Head, Venus, Money Gun, Gobo, Sweater Vest, DaggerBoard, Mr. Kotter, LETC, Trump

15, yes 15, PAX fought the fartsack and got better this morning. Apparently there were a few ruckers for EC, YHC missed that due to staying up too late. #dadduty


Warm O Rama

SSH x?

Cotton Pickers x?

Full Disclosure : YHC was tying my shoes during Warm O Rama, so…

Ruckers = Ruck   –   Runners = Run


The Thang (Ruck)

Seahorse broke out a 40# & 60# sandbag, and Gobo broke out a 40# sandbag. Head out Riegel to the east side of campus, sandbags being shared around. Round the corner to and toward the parking structure.

At parking structure –

Ground Sandbags

Bear Crawl up ramp – lunge walk to next ramp – Double Time up ramp

Rinse / Repeat was the plan, but…

Damn, that ramp was long, we’d still be there groaning through Bear Crawls – AUDIBLE!

Squats x15 OYO

Double Time up to the next level

Down stairs, head back to flag via the “longer” way (not Chancellor’s Walk)

Arrive right @ 0615 – covering right @ 2miles


COT / Moleskin

DaggerBoard with his VQ next week! Be there! And go ahead & sign up to take the Q yourself, the calendar is wide open @ most AO’s.

Blue Clay Breakout – 05/26. Pony Express & Quatro are HC for the 12 miler. Sounds like a fun trail run. Will you join them?

Gobo, THANK YOU for the laugh this morning!


Thanks for allowing me to lead, it’s always a pleasure and honor!


Until next time…








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