Backward Run Birthday Bash at Baywatch

20 fought the thunderstorms and rain (oh wait, that didn’t happen) to run the loop at WB.

QIC: Dino

PAX: Venus, Tiny Dancer, GOBO (sort of), Slaughter-CLT Metro, Milton, Chop Shop, Sparky, Coffee Bean, Bam Bam, Dixie Chick, Blue Steel, Triple D-Greensboro, Paula Dean-Greensboro, Graffiti-Greensboro, Heisenburg, BTB, T-Baum, Stryker, Spin Doctor


-Jog to warm up spot near the recycle center. SSH, merkins, burpees.

-Backward Indian run to Fayetteville St (crowd pleaser), with parking lot tracers in the middle

-11’s (burpees, windshield wipers)

-COP until the 6 finishes.

-Run to beach for some water aerobics. Lock arms, walk in until the nut(s) touch the water (some folks got there sooner than others). Squatx20. Then submerge entire body in the drink.

-Get clothes back on and form 2 lines for run back to COT.


– Tiny Dancer decided it was OK to show up 3 minutes late. I had the pleasure of seeing him nearly turn his ankle trying to catch up to the group. We don’t wait for noone! (Glad you didn’t hurt yourself).

-Welcome to Triple D, Paula Dean, and Graffiti from Greensboro and Slaughter from Charlotte.

-Coffee Bean had on his usual 5 layers of cotton sweats

-We could have had a glass-cutting contest after the dip in the ocean. Very refreshing. Spin Doc’s ball still hasn’t come out of hiding.

-Stryker sounds like a whole new person #peachfuzz

-GOBO was playing with his backpack and showed up for COT. You made the video!


Always a pleasure to lead the men of F3.

‘Til next time,





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