Better Late than Never (Or, in which Tenenbaum almost missing the post)

QIC: Tenenbaum
Pax: about 20 — my phone died so I didn’t get their names
So, the Q was late and EOM stepped in to get the guys warmed up.
Mosey to the rock pile. Partner up and each pair pick a coupon.
Mosey to the parking lot next to skate park.
Fetch (Partner, Coupon)
One Pax from each group runs to the center of the parking lot and places the coupon on the ground. Runs back. Partner Pax retrieves it. First Pax takes the coupon and runs to the end of the lot and places coupon down. Runs back. Second Pax retrieves it. Repeat three rounds.
DOGS (DORA 1-2-3 exercise)
100 decline merkins
200 Outlaws
300 Gorilla Humpers
400 Seal Claps
Various and sundry exercises while we wait for the 6.
Heel (Indian Run)
Pax forms a line (after returning coupons to the rock pile). First Pax peels off the front, planks until the group passes, and then does 5 merkins. He catches up to the back of the line and yells, “Heel!” The frontman then peels off and repeats. Run around the perimeter of the park until you return to OA.
This Q was inspired by Wes Anderson’s newest film, Isle of Dogs, due in Wilmington next week!


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