(Not) old school 4/7/18

QIC- Niles

Pax – Ralph, Hoverround , Ninja Tom Sawyer, Mr Miyagi, Moab , Busted Grill

A fine day to celebrate my 55th trip around the sun. YHC started with 4.9 miles of extra credit goodness, an easy mosey to Halyburton Park and back with FireMarshal Bill and Hoverround. HR feared he was in danger of another DVT having just flown back from Vancouver ( and boy were his arms tired 😏) . Thus inspired, we spent the run coming up with the lyrics to a song about chest pain we called Angina- sung to the tune of Angie by The Rolling Stones . See , that’s how respects roll.

At 7 , FMB had to part ways but YHC was gladdened to have 5 Respects join him for 60 mins of Foxiness. We broke the workout into 20 minute segments – work , play , and Brogitude.

The work consisted of 55’s

SSH, wheel of merkins ,LBC, pull-ups, squats, and 55 second balls to the wall x3.

The play consisted of 20 minutes of ultimate frisbee – a close and thrilling game won by a last second score from Moab, I think 🤔

Then Broga with life lesson from 7 respects . YHC called and demonstrated the pose and a thoughtful discussion ensued on what we had learned about life in our time on the planet. The soundtrack-

Kodachrome – Paul Simon

My Old School – steely Dan

Old Days – Chicago

Old Man – Neil Young

Over the Hills and Far away -Led Zeppelin ( this was during savasana staring at blue sky and clouds – which YHC thought was quite blissful indeed)


Prayers for

rX’s FIL and recovery from his serious medical illness

Tom Sawyer ‘s sister recovering from hip surgery

YHC’s wife Anne recovering from mold exposure from a house we used to live in

Hoverround- praise for wedded bliss and contentment

Busted Grill – requested prayers for our deteriorating culture

Ralph – praise for becoming a grandfather and all the joy in the family. Looking forward to another grandchild soon .

YHC was grateful for the company of 6 HIMs who also happen to be respects . There was a lot of great sharing at Broga – good stuff.

My one word is Better – it’s experiences like today with other men trying to be better that helps me to live this word out. Thank you.

Niles out .



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