Iron Island: Where Iron is Sharpened

QIC: Tiny Tank

Date: 4-7-18

# of PAX: 10

PAX: 8Penny, Chicken Noodle, Crosswalk, EPO, Five&Dime (FNG), Flight Nurse, Foxtrot, Sir Mix, Tea Party, Tiny Tank

Warm Up:

25 x SSH IC

20 x Imperial Walkers

15 x Merkins

10 x Cotton Pickers


Pick up 2 large rocks from pond and form two columns of 5 pax. Indian run to the park passing rock from front to back. Last man runs rock to front of column and so on.

Perform suicides on the basketball court. We did 5 rounds of exercise with 4 suicides in between. Exercises include: 20 x Bobby Hurley’s; 20 x Merkins; 15 x WWII Sit-ups.

Indian run back to the pond while passing rocks. Partner up for Dora 1-2-3 and grab a large rock. Partner 1 exercises with rock as partner 2 runs to benches and performs 5 x dips. Exercises 100 x Diamond Merkins on rock; 200 x squat press with rock; 300 x curls with rock. We were running short on time so cut all sets to 100 reps.

Mosey to the beach for Triple Nickel. Start near dunes and bear crawl to the surf. Perform 5 x Surfees and sprint back to start. Perform 5 x Mike Tyson’s to finish 1st set. Repeat 5 times.

Take customary Iron Island photo in surf and mosey back to flags for COT.


Thanks for another smoker on Iron Island. Well done pax. Iron sharpens Iron!

EPO led 6 pax on a 9 mile EC ruck starting at 0430 prior to the workout. Well done EPO, 8Penny, Foxtrot, Flight Nurse, Sir Mix and YHC.

Welcome Five&Dime (FNG) from Charlotte. Hope you go back and keep posting at home after your vacation! Strong work.

Crosswalk is an EHing machine. Keep up the good work. Now if we could just get those you EH to post regularly, we’d hit 100 pax in no time!

F3 Dads Camp coming up in August. It is a great time. Sign up or message YHC if you have any questions!

GoRuck Heavy is April 20th. There are 3 open spots if you are interested!

Always a pleasure to lead!

Tiny Tank



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