Tom Sawyerwantingtopostthisa.m.,hunh?

Date: 4/6/18 (Fri.)


QIC: Tom Sawyer

# of PAX: 20


Messi, Dun-a-Nuh…Dun-a-Nuh, Gravity, Trump, Wreck It Ralph, Tiny Dancer, Morpheus, Seahorse, The Adjuster, Last, Rain Man, Mr. T, Mr. Kotter, Dixie Chic, BoneSpur, P-Doc, Busted Grill, Niles, Parrot Head

20 PAX beat the fartsack for a somewhat nippy end of the work week beat down. 2 PAX at age 15….man that was encouraging!  As stated at the AO, after it seemed like everyone wanted to pull out their wallets for this beat down……I am not able to take your $ as our workouts as you know are free.  Thanks for the offer, but keep your $!


25 Moroccan Night Club – IC

25 Windmills – IC

25 Side Straddle Hops – IC

25 Mountain Climbers – IC


  • 2 line (10 each, side by side) Indian Run to Tennis Court Parking Lot
  • 11’s as follows:

                1 – Step up then into an incline push up, run downhill to fence and

                10 –  Mike Tyson Merkins the karaoke back up hill for rinse and repeat…2 – 9,

                           3 – 8, etc.

Mary while waiting on the Six holding plank for what seemed like a good bit and 15 Hello Dolly – IC

  • Mosey to Tennis courts
  • DORA with a partner

100- V-Ups

200- Sumo Squats

300- LBC’s

Pax 1 started on the DORA while Pax 2 ran to midway bench for 5 dips and then back to Pax 1 to take over DORA

  • Jail Break back to AO as a group after DORA


  • Count-orama
  • Name-oroma
  • Prayers & Praises:

Niles’ wife, Anne, beginning what is hopefully her road to feeling well again from     some fairly long-term/frustrating health issues stemming from living environments where mold was present (CIRS).

  • Announcements

5K at JT Hoggard HS to benefit JTH Marching Band

Check out #masonborocampingtrip channel on Slack, which is this weekend…rain, rain go away!

Hope you enjoyed being together this a.m. as much as I did PAX! Always an honor and privilege to lead you HIM…thank you!





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