Leland Q School

Leland Q school
Date: 4/6/18
Where: Leland

Pax: Blade, Clavin, Deputy Dawg, Edger, Flight Nurse, Homer, Mac-n-Chuk, Mr Right, Snickers, The Hoff, UFO, Ugly Stik

So this Leland invasion is well established. The pax are committed and the evil fartsack will not be taking back this territory. Now it’s time to start giving it away, and they are ready. Time for Q school. 13 pax were in the gloom ready to get it on.

We started w disclaimer, mission statement, and 5 core principles of F3 Nation. Look them up if you don’t know them. We gave 6 pax opportunity to lead a warm up exercise. Several got the Q juice flowing.

Tha Thang
2 Old standbys
11s with burpees and LBCs. Tclaps for everyone pulling in the 6.
We then partnered up for Dora. 100 merkins, 200 squats, 300 LBCs.

Mary- 6 more pax led us in some core exercises. Freed to Lead.

Deputy Dawg and Edger are making progress on their career pursuits. Prayers for success on that. Prayers for the continued growth of F3Leland. YHC has a handout on everything you need to know for your first Q. Sign up.

Moleskin- After last week’s snotwaggler from BtB the numbers were down a little. I hope BtB didn’t break anyone? Tclaps to Flight Nurse on wearing the Ruck throughout the work. Nice stache brother. Did y’all know UFO moonlights as a ballerina? Mr Right, great having you this week. We expect you to post when you get home to Richmond. Homer, enjoyed running those laps with you. Clavin, you have to be the smilingest postal worker around. New meaning to going postal. Deputy Dawg, your energy is second to none. Keep bringing it. Mac-n-Chuk, I have to hear the story on your name. It is a good one. Edger, you should join Slack. I think you would like it. Tclaps to Blade, The Hoff, and Ugly Stik for crossing the river this am to give it away. Hoff literally gave away the bookthis morning. Always good to have CapeFear Royalty around. Snickers, this Leland thing is your baby, and the baby is going to be a grown-ass man soon! Well done brother.

Ready to Q? – https://f3nation.com/a-guide-to-your-first-q/


Thanks for the opportunity to lead. Always an honor and a pleasure.

LETC – out



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