41 years and counting

* April 6, 2018
* 14 PAX : Chicken Noodle, Nomad, Tiny Tank, Crosswalk, Tea Party, Flamer, Tubbs, The Mountie, Tombstone, Sunshine, 8-Penny, EPO, Stiffler’s Mudder
* Q: Rocket Queen

14 PAX joined YHC for a belated birthday Q in the gloom at Veteran’s Park. The theme of the day was 41 for each year in orbit since the Rocket Queen blasted off.


Arm circles
Michael Phelps – quickly crossing arms and slapping
Alphabets – HAPPY BIRTHDAY spelled out with each leg from a supine position.

Mosey to picnic tables

At picnic tables – hold each exercise until all are finished
Incline Clerkins AKA Clapping Merkins (41 count)
Dips (41)
Flutter kicks (41)
Box jumps (41)
Decline diamond Merkins (41)
Bicycle kicks (41)

Partner up
Partner 1 wall sits
Partner 2 runs to designated point over the bridge & completes 10 burpees
Rinse and repeat for 4 rounds

Mosey to start

End with a giant Merkin Caterpillar (PAX line up head to toe and each puts their feet on the back of the next) Multiple merkins as a giant F3 caterpillar looking thing.

– Announcements: Iron Island tomorrow in CB. Bring a change of clothes and old workout shoes.
– Prayers: Hoff’s brother, Rx’s father-in-law, all new F3 2.0s, and all those battling depression in public service, the military, and elsewhere.
– B-day Beers in the Tiny Tank Tradition (T3)

Thanks for allowing me to lead this day gents.

Time to start another orbit around the rock. Rocket Queen signing off.



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